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Student Data Request Form

Student data is covered by UC Davis Policies 320-40, 320-21 and 320-35 on institutional data usage and Cybersafety Policy 310-22 for the use and storage of personal information. Additionally, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and California Information Practices Act of 1977 (CA IPA) regulations must be adhered to where applicable. All requests are reviewed to verify that it meets approved and legitimate needs that meet applicable rules, policies and procedures. FERPA training is required for requestors of student data; training can be found in the UC Learning Center. Making a request for student data does not imply it will be fulfilled.

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Title for Request:
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 Request Information

    Choose Data Type (required): Contact List Aggregate Data (counts) Other, describe below

Purpose of Data:
Data Elements Needed: (e.g. Term, College, Major, Student First Name, Student Last Name, etc.)
Population of Interest:

Note: please include the groups of students requested such as: undergraduates, graduates, professional schools. If you have specific student id numbers for this request, please add them below. If this data request references a previous request, please provide the previous data request number.

When is data needed?
Note: Please allow at least ONE week for processing. If you are using your data request to contact students, please use this contact information within ONE week from this date. (The data changes daily.) You will receive the data on the date noted above by the end of business.

Additional Information:
Note: All data will be returned in Excel format.
   By checking this box, you attest that any student level data requested will be used for a legitimate educational interest only and you agree to comply with the policies noted at the top of this request form. For contact list requests, you also agree to comply with UC Davis Mass Electronic Messaging Policy (310-18) related to sending mass emails to students (more information on compliance can be found here), OR you understand the policies of the Undergraduate Admissions Office regarding the proper manner in which to contact applicants, admitted students and students who have submitted their intent to register.
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